Automatic Lightning Risk Alert System

Indoor (General Office)

  • Receive lightning risk alert by ALRAS controller and personnel hand-phone.
  • Automatic activate strobe light and siren base on the received message alert date and time.
  • Automatic extend the activation if receive extension SMS.
  • Automatic cancel activation if received cancellation SMS.


Benefits of Automated Operation

  • Long-terms cost saving over the manual system by reducing man-power for manning the hand phone and Saving in management cost.
  • Reduce OM hassle to carry out his responsibility.
  • Reduce personnel work interruption.
  • Instant response to Alert compare to manual system.
  • More reliable, less human mistake.
  • Connect up to maximum 5 Strobe Light & 5 Siren.
  • Strobe light turn ON for the entire alert period.
  • Siren turn ON for duration is adjustable (0~10 seconds).
  • Daily start and stop response time adjustable.
  • Controller buzzer volume control.
  • LCD display: for in-coming SMS messages.
  • System using low voltage (DC24) - Intrinsically safe.


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