PWD Distress Call & PWD Intercom system in Singapore

Personal with Disability System (PWD System)

PWD Distress Call: Improving Disability Safety and Accessibility Vision Security Technologies Pte Ltd protects everyone, including PWD. Install our PWD Distress Call system to make your building more accessible and secure. Our PWD Intercom System can make your workplace safer and more accessible for individuals with impairments. We need disability aid that promotes autonomy and safety. Easy-going and Communicative: Friendly UX Our PWD Distress Call system provides a simple, disability-friendly interface. This interface was designed to be simple and intuitive. This ensures that people can swiftly and readily convey their demands in an emergency, calming both the individual and your organization. Placed Contacts PWD Intercom System call stations can be strategically placed throughout your structures. This allows users to easily contact the system in emergencies or other situations. This protection covers everyone on your team. Effective interaction requires: Bidirectional Interaction The PWD Intercom System offers two-way communication between employees and those in risk. If you can swiftly assess the situation, your team can aid you faster. Our PWD Distress Call system ensures your organization to respond quickly and effectively to emergency or distress situations impacting people with disabilities by supporting strong communication and giving real-time information. This will help your firm address disability-related challenges. Your company will be more prepared for disability-related situations. PWD distress call systems have numerous benefits: A PWD Distress Call system lets disabled people call for aid in emergencies. Disabled people will be safer. Your company's disability-specific communication system shows its commitment to accessibility and inclusion. This establishes a community-supportive environment. Accessibility Standards A PWD Distress Call system will help your firm satisfy accessibility standards. This guarantees your disability aid is legal.


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