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"Advanced Lightning Warning System: Protecting Your Organization with Cutting-Edge Technology." Introduction: Vision Security Technologies Pte Ltd prioritizes company security. Your firm is too important to ignore. Our cutting-edge Lightning Warning System protects your business, employees, and property from lightning strikes. Flames, explosions, and electronics damage are probable. This article details our Early Lightning Warning and Lightning Detection Warning System's benefits. These features are crucial to ensuring your activities continue safely. Lightning warnings improve lightning protection. Lightning Precautions [Early Warning] Monitoring and Forecasting Our Early Lightning Warning System provides real-time information on local lightning activity using cutting-edge monitoring and prediction technologies. It predicts lightning strikes accurately. This lets your organization protect its employees, clients, and property. An Early Lightning Warning System reduces lightning-related accidents, equipment damage, and downtime. Security and operations improve. Thus, if lightning strikes, your employees and operations will continue as usual, saving you money. The Lightning Detection Warning System Provides Timely Alerts. Our Lightning Detection Warning System uses cutting-edge technology for accurate, timely lightning detection. Detection is sensitive. This ensures you'll be notified of approaching attacks in time to protect your business. The Lightning Detection Warning System monitors a large US region. This function protects your business from lightning strikes regardless of size or location. However, business size doesn't matter. With such extensive protection, you'll have instantaneous access to all the data you need to make informed decisions about your company's safety and security. Lightning warning systems have various benefits: A Lightning Warning System can help you control lightning strike risks by delivering accurate and up-to-date information about potential dangers. This understanding helps you manage lightning strike risks. This protects your building, personnel, and customers. Our Lightning Warning System reduces lightning-related accidents and equipment damage, keeping your business running smoothly. This minimizes costly downtime and interruptions. Preventing Lightning Damage: Installing a Lightning Detection Warning System and an Early Lightning Warning System shows that you care about your staff and customers. This shows your care for staff and customers. mediately to discuss how our Lightning Warning System can protect your business, keep your workers safe, and allow you to work uninterrupted.

Early Lightning & Detection Warning System

Automatic Lightning Warning System ( ALWS) via SMS alert link to NEA Lightning Website.

Vision Security Technologies Pte Ltd has been the pioneer company to market and installed Automatic Lightning warning system in MOE School since 2008.
This ALWS has a built in 3G/4G GSM modem to activate lightning alert message (SMS) send from our server link to NEA lightning@SG website when there is lightning at your area.
This lightning alert via NEA may be delay of around 5 to 10 mins due to NEA system processing.
The Automatic Lightning Warning System controller has following features.

  • 24 hours standby to receive SMS alert link to NEA Lightning @ SG
  • Automatic turn on Strobe Light & Siren upon message received
  • Automatic turn off Strobe Light upon cancellation message received
  • LCD 5.7” Touchscreen/ password protected/AUTO/MANUAL mode selection
  • IP 65 enclosure
  • Indicator light for Power, Strobe Light & Siren
  • Selectable manual ON/OFF switch for Strobe Light & Siren
  • Enable to mute Siren
  • Able to remotely test Strobe Light & Siren
  • For message forwarding up to 20 users handphone
  • Programmable daily operating hours
  • Programmable operating days (Monday-Friday/Saturday/Sunday)
  • Programmable siren duration 0 to 99 seconds
  • Haze alert enable
  • Built-in MCB
  • Built-in dry contact relay for other system connection
  • Daily auto self-check notification
1) Require to subscribe of SIM card with Telco.
2) Recurring monthly SMS forwarding charges from our server via SMS gateway.